Saturday, October 6, 2012

Battle Mannerheim vs Litmanen

I have seen today two somewhat documentary or autobiography movies, one partly and another fully paid by us, the Finnish taxpayers via Finnish broadcasting company YLE;
  • "Kuningas Litmanen" about football player Jari Litmanen
Let's talk about the Marshal first;
It sucks!

The storytelling does not have any clear clue and it goes on for the full 41 mins without any real drama to the viewers.

Looking at ti from a quality point of view, as a movie even I can see it is low quality - and my view is supported by the media reviews as well as it can be seen in the "Making the..." documentary. Perhaps there is a link with the output and the fact that the local producer started his career in this project as a driver. Yes, the man who was the taxi-man for these Finnish guys.

On top, the ones who have studied the history more, have pointed out multiple errors in the fact telling - and honestly I was not able to find anything new from the historical or person point of view. To me that was the biggest dissapointment.

What was this then all about?
Please someone smarter tell me!
...the only motivator I've seen is that the YLE producer Erkko Ego-grower Lyytinen tries to boost his career - and ego. He says we should see the character Mannerheim from another angle. Unfortunately I was not able to link enough as there were too many contradictions and at the same time the content was very weak.

Enough of that, watch it and make up you own mind.

Kuningas Litmanen - King Litmanen;
I recommend it to all who are even a bit intersted in football or sports!

This movie lasted for almost 2 hours and when it ended, I felt like "gimme more, keep it coming...!". When the man himself goes to the places he has lived his football life and is interviewed about things he has never spoken about earlier, there is a clear additional value.

All of us can go to Youtube to watch the goals.

It is not often that you hear players like Xavi, Carles Puyol, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Danny Blind, Ronald and Frank de Boer, or Steven Gerrard talking such positive about another player. Litmanen played his biggest successesin Ajax in Holland, followed by not-that-great periods in Barcelona, Spain and Liverpool, England. He also did visits to Sweden and Germany.

My son is a young BIG football player and a fan, watching the world class players and knows a lot about them. After the movie I asked him "Did you know Litmanen was that good?". He said "No I didn't!".

Go and see it!

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