Saturday, September 8, 2012

C'mon Helsinki, you can do it!

I am so happy that the mobile cafe Camionette, that I wrote about earlier, got a permit to operate for 2012 season. Some reviews from here.

There have been also others with the same ambition but there seems to be difficulties to find the fixed spots for these mobile cafe's/kiosks. This summer the previous Camionette's place was occupied by a train-style cafe serving creppes. Sorry, I have not tried them as I don't recall passing by a single time this summer.

But does Helsinki have difficulties to find places for mobile kiosks...?
Well, one would think that they are mobile so you can always require capability to operate mobile. Water tanks, aggregators etc can be organized so that a mobile kiosk is a mobile one and does not need to be in fixed place - like Helsinki at the moment seems to think.

Let's hope it will be fixed since these are the initiatives that make our cities live. Here is an old article by YLE about the "byrocracy and difficulties" around the topic.


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