Friday, August 10, 2012

Helsinki - Stadi!

A short(?) while ago I had a chance to visit a penthouse terrace at Helsinki. The weather was not the greatest - I'd rather say it was grayest. Still, I gotta say Helsinki, Stadi, is fabulous.

As we don't normally get a chance to go to this place, I'd recommend to visit the terrace of Hotel Torni, the tower at Kalevankatu. Take the lift up and climb the narrow stairs up. I've written about it also earlier, remember to visit the toilet...

Regards from Andalucia, I'll talk to you about that and other stuff more soon. It's been too much fun to sit in an Internet cafe ;o)

Hasta la proxima, amigos... The Olympics still have some great stuff to come, I am myself waiting for the Sunday basketball final, where I expect to see Espana and USA!

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