Saturday, August 25, 2012

You should be jealous! ...NOW WITH PHOTOS...

I WASN'T ABLE TO INSERT PHOTOS OVER THE WEEKEND, SO HERE THEY ARE...!   ####   Finland is beautiful!   I guess we don't have too many countries where in less than 30 mins drive from the city centre you are in a wilderness where you have deers, bears and so on. Yep, national park next door from Helsinki.

Some of you guys out there would recognize the view as you've had the pleasure - or should I say the privilidge - to visit. 
A weekend at a summer cabin can mean many things, but in the one I'm at it means also some work. 

Imagine a christmas tree. A BIG one. Times two. With a base of over 2 meters circle (...around the tree). A storm knocked one down and hence we put it in pieces and dragged it down from the forest about 50 meters down. Luckily no need to go uphill. 

Then there is a need to chop them into smaller pieces...

Well, after the sauna, swim in a lake that is still warm = ~17C, a great meal and a few drinks one sleeps great. Or at least one should. How could I get the host's mom to change these girly ones to something that woul do what they are supposed to do...?

Well, sleeping is a waste of time anyway...

Let's talk a bit about sports;
BIG hands for team Finland for kicking some Belgium arse yesterday on a basketball court. Luckily my main man Seba Bellin was not with them :o) Niiiiiice job guys!!!

Have a fabulastic weekend, enjoy the moment!

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