Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Food tip for Helsinki, Finland

Hotel Torni's restaurant in Helsinki has made a simple thing into fantastic treat both for locals and tourists. You can order a fabulous snack to go with your beer: new season potatoes. Prices 3 and 6 Euros, served in a kettle with dill and butter.

Hurry up, the summer in Helsinki is almost over...!

Tornin kesäpiha
Yrjönkatu 26
Open Mon-Sat 15-22 hrs, Potatoes available also at Sunday BBQ evenings 15-20 hrs

Don't forget to check also the scenery bar at the top - including a visit in the toilet with the best view in the city.

PS For info or reference from NYT-liite of Helsingin Sanomat, records for eating:
- 68 hot dogs in 10 minutes by Joey Chestnut (don't know how much he would eat chestnuts in the same time though...)
- 3,6 kilos of french fries in 10 minutes by Bob Schoudt
- 65  boiled eggs in 6 min 40 seconds by Sonya Thomas
- 890 grams of chocolates in 7 minutes by Patrick Bertoletti (surprisingly not a woman)
- 6 kilos of water melon in 15 minutes by Jim Reeves
French fries

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