Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hola Guapas y Feos!

I've been around Europe and a bit outside in 3 other continents. Not enough, if you ask me, but still I've seen some bits and pieces of the world. Again, not enough as I have less than 30 countries ticked off.

One of my favorites in Europe is Spain, that I had again a pleasure of seeing, feeling, tasting, and enjoying. 

I've been there both for business and pleasure and I love it - and have done my best to enjoy it every time.

You also get to see new things when you move around. This is something I didn't expect to see;

It's a bike that moves by pushing the mini skateboard -type pedals down. A bit like you would climb the stairs at a stepper you have at some gyms. Never seen one before...

This is from a toilet of a Spanish restaurant. I don't know why it had not made it's way up to the wall.

I'll share with you some more stuff later on so stay tuned. To check some of the older stuff, you can get to Spanish blog posts from here. Now I'll get ready for a basketball after a nice summer break. I know I'll be exhausted, but that's part of the fun!

Enjoy life! I know I will!!!

PS We've had quite warm in Southern Finland past days, even up to +25 C. Now it seems we go for +16-18 C... At nights the temp is going to be below +0C. For the US guys, that is the freezing point of water...

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