Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Grannies didn't win - Heja Sverige!

It was close, but not close enough! Still the grannies apparently won some cash to fix their home village church that Stalin had destroyed. Good for them!

I've been wondering why the Eurovision song contest has become a tradition that stuck. Years ago we had nights out with friends to watch them and have a party. Well, with kids and age that was not sustainable solution, but during the Brussels years it was a good way to keep up with the patriotism.

Not least when the Lordi came on - and won... That night we happened to have an American style baby shower party to go to. This time it was with men too. The host family was American-Armenian-Dutch, so Eurovision was part of the package. Somehow during the evening it became clear that the Lordi is winning and Madam Hostess was so happy as she was a big lover of Salmiakki Vodka!

I you wanna check what I've said about the Eurovision earlier, check it out from here.

God natt, sov gott!

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