Sunday, June 10, 2012

It's Culture Time - Football and Dance...!

The EuroCup 2012 in Football is on in Poland and Ukraine.We have already seen few surprises; Greece that was expected to be the weakest link played 1-1 with Poland, while the BIG BANG was from the red and white Danish dynamite that took 1-0 win against top 3 winner favorite Holland! I didn't see that coming...

Italia's Balotelli failed bad in his premium chance to score, while the substitute for him, Di Natale, scored a great goal against Spain only few minutes after he came in. The joy was short as Silva beautifully served Fabregas. For some reason the coach took Silva to the bend right after...

Great game with 1-1 result, but not as great as my son's game today ;o)

It has been a pleasure to follow him and the team develop in the hands of a great coach and supporting team. Today their good work was awarded with a rise to a higher league. I'm really looking forward to the upcoming games in the tournaments and the league.

Since life is not only sports, one should balance the culture with music and dance. Or what do you say?

...not bad at all.

By the way, who said a country boy is not pretty in pink...?

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