Monday, May 14, 2012

Viipuri / Viborg in Helsinki

There is a photo exhibition in Helsinki about Viborg - Viipuri - from the World War 2 times. It is a city that was part of Finland before the war, then Soviet Union occupied the city after the winter war.

From March 1940 for 534 days, 2 hours and 15 minutes the Finnish flag was down from the tower of Viipuri Castle on August 29 1941 (hope the nr of days matches, I got it from the paper). At the end of the second war, the flag came down for good on June 20 1944. The flag is at the Finnish war museum.

Now in Helsinki at Sanomatalo you get to see the pics taken both by the Finnish and the Soviet sides. For some strange reason the photo texts are only in Finnish. There is a small red or blue dot in the corner of the photo, marking from which source the photo is from. Blue for Finns, red for the Soviets.

My favorite is this one. Windows shot to pieces, but the sign tells that the shop is closed...

If you are at all interested, go there, open until May 20th!

PS The ice hockey World Championships are going on in Helsinki, Finland and Stockholm, Sweden. Finland has now been beaten badly by Canada and USA. I trust the trend will change on Monday when we play Kazakstan...

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