Saturday, May 26, 2012

Eurovision Song Contest online commenting - or not?


Oh yeah - cool stuff! At least if you were at 70's digging this guy, just like my Mom - Enkeli Pumpernikkeli, the man... Too bad Äiti you are not here to enjoy this with us!
Pumpperi, sorry to say, but thanks for the song and welcome back next year - which you will not do I guess.

Hmmm... Who's gonna miss this one? Nice energy & Euro-pop, but where's the beef.

C'mon, let's keep the Lords of the Rings out of this competition! Jacket from Simon Lebon or what was his name again...?

Blindfolded? Well, good for you - you didn't miss that much. Gotta say it picked up towards the end, but max Top 10. Best piece the background dancers where ever they were behind the screne. 

Bosnia + Herz...;
Pretty, well thought  wind machine timing, fancy lights, soft lyrics - and a quaranteed Eurovision ballad. Sholder pads were HOT! That's it.

 THE BABES!!! Incredible, these babes think they can reduce the drinking of our men by getting a new church in the village and singing. Good stuff, they have back-up vocals on-site in case one of them ends up in Top 5, if not the Lordi-type-surprise-winner!!!

I bet these ladies will make almost - not quite but almost - the same as Lordi did at 2006. These ladies are HOT and I said it when I heard about them for the first time. Go babes, leave the Euro-funk and stick to your guns!!!

Another standard Eurovision looking bunch - and not that surprising they have done their homework and are following the Ireland  (and actually previous Norway) winning feeling. Why won't they. Potential winner!

Ok, the first sexy show of the night. Standard wanna-be-disco-hit with the looks, moves, rhimes etc. Best part the dancing babes...Can be Top 10.

Yes, quality is in place and catching tunes, but can one win the competition?Quite sad they didn't leave a true marker. I say NO.

Boom-boom-boom: GO!
Wanna-be-Ms.Winehouse??? Good stuff that can have a chance to make it all the way. Still, no chance to make any Waterloo hits.

As boring as Finland, that did not make it to the final. Good night, sleep tight.

Good for the Prince of Norway, not all of you can make it to the Eurovision, but what's new...? I can claim we have heard and seen similar stuff each year by 5-10 countries. He has well earned his spot on stage, just like each oil millionaire.
...ever heard Gaga's song "born this way"?
Still, Top 10.

Many thanks for the mid-talk-interview to Mr Engelbert Humberdikkkkkkkeli or pumpernikkeli....

...and now the hosting country Azerbaidzhan - or Azerbaijan in English;
Many thanks for a touching performance. Nice color play with the dress and all, but can the little man at the background make and break it again? Music does not stop it, so why won't we have another magic next year at the same arena? Still, I won't put my money in it.

Video appeals me, but the music, interesting stuff. Sexy, show, Euro-pop-rythms, and traditional Eurovision themes. Many thanks, but no chance in the competition.

Music familiar from radio songa, visuals from other Eurovision performances along the years, pretty babes, nice haircut at the base and attitude at the drums, but sorry you will be out of Top 10.

Say-no-more: Entertaining Eurovision, but no chance for the playing lists or Top 10. Sorry.

I am looking for this one!!!
Hmmm, I think I heard this at the beach-type-night-club at Berlin yesterday. And if it was not that, then what's new here? Audience here sais the dance moves would also be potentially borrowed. Quality is high, particularly I love the fake snow - even if we would have the real one available - that makes me wanna go for the viking approach ;o) Heja Sverige, at top 10, but not all the way.

Thank you, lookes good and see you next year, sail safely!

Another Ireland-type ballad with a voice, while I would have wished from this stunning looking lady a bit more lively show to hit the jackpot! Top 10 potential and why not for a future career. Hmmm, did we meet last August at Fuengirola?

C'mon man, leave the hat away!
Teenager asked if this is Cold Play ...or what the heck it is. At least at the end, just like Lordi...? I heard Germany is the only world, that has been in all Eurovision competitions. Why?

Nice footwork, fantastic lastname, but where is the real packet from the singer? Drummer and some others showed off, but perhaps you could have done a bit more than the shout-out, or what do you think? Sorry, out of Top 10.
Regards to my b-ball friend, u o me 1 game!

Stop snoring!!! This is great if you are at all interested!
I am in the middle of reading the contingency of Snabba Cash & Stockholm, hence the language has got the extra tone. Music wise, I say a little chance for Top 10 if the Nightwish style appeals.

Before the start, Top 10.
...after the start: r u serious, same guys again? Any other changes?
Well, Johnny Logan won the shit several times and I will never forget the 5 am beer with him at a private gig somewhat 22 years ago.

I have many personal symphaties to the country, but never visited. Yet.
Heart touching show, that leaves the listener with the feelings. But why the zombies walking at the back? Good stuff, can make it to the top 10.

Why did she come in her Las Vegas -type wedding dress and Kukkenhof-type of hair-piece?
Good pack, energetic guys on the trumpets etc. Nice!

Oh boy, have I increased my Moldova knowledge in the past days. This confirms that they have - just like all other countries - pretty women and capability to make music, but let's be realistic: Finland was out of the final and Moldova is out of the Top 10.

OK, I'll leave the final judging for the judges and decision fo buying the music for you. Still, please do not be stupid and do download the music only from the sites with credible background.

Kiitos - Gracias! Let the best song win...


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