Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fantastic Sunday!

What a day... Out already before 10 am - not to forget that the night was 1 hour shorter as we transferred to the summer time - to notice we got about 3 cm fresh new snow last night. Well, the ground was pretty, but it meant at the same time again some more slid, loskapaska.

Two junior football games and one basketball game as a spectator and one b-ball game playing to finish off the day. 3 wins, one loss so not a bad result. One of the games - as a spectator - was a final of the winter series and the guys got the biggest trophy! Congrats guys!!!

Also important was to have a nice sunday afternoon meal together. Hats off to the kids too, as they were able to do some school work on top of it all - as well as to chill out by the tv.

It was also funny to see part of the Blues team - yep, THE ice hockey team I've been talking about and am a fan of - playing football at the indoor arena between the junior guys games. Otherwise I would not have noticed them, but one can not miss Camilo Miettinen - or what do you say...?
He scored a nice goal in their game - and was happy to give autographs and let some fans to take pictures. Hope they can make some magic tomorrow against the season # 1 Kalpa.

The end of the day - just before writing this while watching the sports news - we had a great sanck meal with cheeses, bread, paté, pink bubbles (kts Ric...) so a good feeling with a full belly.

Sorry, I didnt have the energy to take up any additional work for today. Perhaps tomorrow nigh I need to take it back in order to secure all tasks are completed during next week.

Buenos noches - God natt - Good night - Hyvää yötä!

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