Friday, April 6, 2012

I missed Anne Frank

I hope you all know the story about Anne Frank. We are starting to collect a history, as it has been almost 3 years since I wrote about Anne Frank and other stuff in Amsterdam. Today it is a bit more difficult for me to go for a visit in Amsterdam. Or Paris. Or Brussels. Or Monschau. Or Oostende.

Yesterday I spoke with a colleague who spent a weekend in Brussels and I gotta admit I started to miss Brussels spring. There is nothing wrong in having the yeard covered with 50 cm of snow, but now and then I remember that there are also other options than winter. As we speak, it is snowing and the temperature has been around 0 celcius for days.

I remember an April during Brussels years when we went to a beach for sunbathing. Yep, the water was still cold but it was warm enough to sunbathe on the sand and enjoy. Not this year in Helsinki, but if you are interested in skiing, that is perfectly fine.

This is a live pic from a road camera next to Helsinki, 5 km from where I am rightnow. And we have the snowflakes size of about 1 cm coming down. Click the pic to enlarge it.
To see other cameras, go here.

Back to Anne.
There is a road show exhibition about Anne Frank going around Finland this year. It was in Helsinki - I missed that - and moved on to Hämeenlinna. There was an article in HS earlier this year, in Finnish, and you can check out the dates and places for the other places at Finland-Israel -organization's pages at .

It is back in capitol area in Espoo in December, but if you wish to check it out now, Hämeenlinna is only an hour from Helsinki.

Let's talk some ice hockey.

The Blues made again Finnish ice hockey history. From 0-3 situation in quarter final wins they made impossible possible and went to game 7 and won Kalpa, the winner of the season.

The heart of the fighing spirit, Camilo Miettinen, was injured and is out for the rest of the season. Perhaps he should not have cut his hair as it was a good protection for his head...

Anyways, the Blues is now playing the semifinals against the Pelicans from Lahti and are 0-2 at wins but perhaps they can again come back to the series. You can follow the series from here.

Happy Easter - Hyvää Pääsiäistä!!!

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