Saturday, March 24, 2012

C'mon Blues!

The day started with some more snow, that turned into a rain shower later on. That means the snow piles are getting smaller day by day. Patio still partly covered with a 1 meter high pile, thanks to the snow from the roof...

The sun was shining at one point, which is naturally a sign for THE ice hockey game tonight. The Blues is going head-to-head with Kalpa from Kuopio in the play offs. Kalpa won the first game after a good fight and I naturally expect the roles to change tonight. My kids will be in the arena but I will pass this one.

What a moment, my son put AC/DC's Highway to Hell on the player - not bad at all - and that song I dedicate to Kalpa's game performance tonight ;o)

Hyvä Blues!

PS I was just made aware of this song below. Not my favorite, but still I decided to share it with you for the lyrics - eli parasta biisissä on sanoitus. Ja niisäkin kiehtoi se tietty koomisuus...
PPS I bought some brickets for the bbq today so the season start is getting closer. Need to do some snow shoveling though at the patio as you can imagine.

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