Saturday, January 7, 2012

Untold stories, scenery & silent hosts

Most of us have visited a cemetery for one or another reason. Some do it more regularly than others - until it becomes a bit more permanent visit. I am lucky enough to live nearby two family graves, both of them on the same cemetary - Hietaniemi in Helsinki, Finland. Or Hietsu, as most from Helsinki area tend to call it.

It is located in quite a focal point in Helsinki peninsula, covering a good area of what would be considered a valuable land to build on. Hopefully we will never see that to happen...! It is an old area in Finland scale: the oldest year of death I spotted was 1875.

I think this pic by shows quite well the area with Helsinki city centre at the background.

Most of the times we aim to go to the graves, leave flowers, candels or so, and leave. Today we decided to have a long walk and stroll around on top. It would be fantastic to be able to hear some stories around the names we can see there. Quality is again the same that my mobile cam camera serve, sorry!

I feel a bit sorry for the one/-s under this pile.

It seems in some parts the space had ran out and that had led into no-corridor areas.

In the middle, the tree had made an art of it self.

In the past, it was common to post your title on the grave stone. In this one, "Fröken (a.k.a. Miss) Clemetine Marie Lögren" and many others from military or salvation army ranks into "a master painter"!

This is something a camera just can't catch, you should go there to check it out!

The sea keeps the area cool all year long.

I love this one, Family Sumelius has got a stone bench to sit down and have a chat with the loved ones. I just wonder if this is the same family as my former colleague.

Here is a qualified example of the results from the former storm.
C'mon guys, we are talking about an area where rests people who have fought for the freedom of Finland. How about a little respect and keep the area accessible also during the winter time? "Ei talvikunnossapitoa" or in Swedish "Ej vinterunderhåll" means somewhat "No winter maintenance".

The ones who understand Finnish, this is clear. At 1918, right after Finland got independent from Russia, we had a civil - sisällissota, vapaussota, kansalaissota - was where the our status was tested big time. Here rests some of the victims.

I guess someone had made a bit of cultural trips to make a call for this one.

I tried to figure out what this was about. I guess it's a woman's head without a face. Reminds me about one cartoon strip figure from Donald Duck. Sorry!!!

I absolutely loved this one:
A piglet made of straws. I guess this is an option for a ham!?!

 This was not the only beautiful geometric set.

Also art can be brought to the cemetary.

When you are around, turn your head around.

Strange, but also the Lithuanian people had made a contribute.

Respect to the veterans.

Also outside of the gates, keep your eyes open...

Few ones still after we went back to the "old" side. I bet there is a reader who will recognize this!

At one point we saw a young lady videotaping the area and then doing something from the snow. Afterwards we made an effort to check out what she did and this was part of the result. On the snow, there was also a mark of the bum/pants where she had sat and - I guess - chatted with the loved one/-s. The latest one had come there at 2010.

Oh boy, it would be interesting to hear her story too.

Let's not forget the stone workers who have made a remarkable work with the walls. At our home corners, we had a "stone man" who has made some fancy stuff a while ago. Let's see if I'll get them posted for you some day.

Zacharias Topelius, I'd say one of THE.

No, it is not a lighthouse.

And as a last one, another marker from the previous storm. 

To finish off, here is a pic from the same place we have been before, this time with a winter swimmer. She is the black spot at the end of the peer...!

Have a great weekend!!!

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