Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Let it snow, baby!

I gotta say that the snowing in the past days has made me feel good - even though I have not had a proper chance to enjoy it other than while driving. Yep, I know some say "oooh, it's horrible to drive when we have snow and slippery roads..." while I love it.

Except perhaps tomorrow when I will drive about 400 kilometers. Luckily it seems the weather will be good and the speed can be kept at good level. The limit on the highway is at winter time 100 km/h so I'll set the speed control for ~110 to avoid speeding tickets.

Finally it seems to be a good winter for the Lapland area too. This one is on the southern part of Lapland at Kuusamo, ~850 kilometers North from Helsinki;
Weather forecast over here and the resort info with online camera and pics you can check from here.

At home we still got some way to go to the previous winters.

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