Sunday, January 22, 2012

Good evening Mr President of Finland!

Today is the election day in Finland, we are selecting for ourselves a new president. The title claims that the two female candidates would be out of the game - and to be honest, I don't see a realistic chance for them to make it even to the second round. I am a bit afraid they will be in the bottom three.

That makes Finland will join the majority of democracies with male president, while for the past 12 years we've had a female president.

One of the candidates, Paavo Lipponen, has got a perfect CV in politics up to prime minister career. He has never ran for the presidency, mainly due to strong candidates from the same party. Now the gallups say he is on the weak side.

Another Paavo, Väyrynen, has ran for the office several times - always failing. His explanations have been various, best one being that he lost due to media game. Now he has taken a self irony approach with confidence. No one else would have even thought to make a coffee mug with his and his spouse's picture. The royal style...

We also have a candidate that is a bit different from the main stream. Like one public figure said on an article, if this man wins, we will have as the first "lady" a gay man from Ecuador.

One candidate, Member of European Parliament, is also a World Champion and European Champion in track & field. It is one of the female candidates, Sari Essayah.

There is also a man, who was in the middle of the zunami in Thailand back at 2004. Barely survived. A man who's wife died years ago in a car accident. Now he is again happily married.

Three candidates have spouses who are +20 years younger than the candidates. One of them from Ecuador. Another the Communications Director of the party of the candidate. I wonder what they talk about at home. Third one is married with a lady younger than his daughter.

Still, let's not forget it is about politics and let the best candidate win!

PS For the ones interested, you can find some info from here.
PPS There is no reason for anyone to be offended, no sides taken here and I tried to describe what I can see and hear. Eli ei pitäisi olla syytä loukkaantua, tässä on vain muutama palanen siitä mitä olen kuullut tai lukenut...

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