Saturday, January 14, 2012

Oh man, I forgot to... this on Christmas but why wouldn't I share what I was thinking then.
Tonight is THE Night - Hyvää Joulua!

Joulupukki - Santa Claus - Father Christmas - Père Noël - Julgubbe comes tonight at our place for a visit!

The real one. Let's hope he can make it inside this year, as many years he has left the presents outside in a sack. As you can see from some pics from the past, a I'll-do-my-best-as-Santa's-helper has stepped in and has taken the role of a Santa.

This Christmas we are sooooo lucky to have in Southern Finland, Helsinki area where I live, the traditional Belge winter weather! That means Bing Crosby and the guys have re-written the words for a song that is nowadays "I'm dreaming of a grey Christmas..."

Just remember, be aware of the fake Santa copies that try to cash in, instead of carrying on the true Christmas spirit...
For a certain reason, I have myself worked way too much during the past two months. Hence I am extremely happy to welcome a little break and get to relax enjoying the time with the family. I love it a LOT!!! And them too...

Hyvää Joulua kaikille!!!

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