Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hyvää Uutta Vuotta - Happy New Year!!!

In 14 hours around the world, thousands and thousands of Euros - Dollars, Crowns, Yenis etc will be literally burned into ashes on the skies. For a short moment of joy and visual art, we burn shitloads of explosives in the fireworks. Let's keep this in mind while enjoying them, we pay for the one way or another...

If you are involved with them, please keep safe, put some glasses on, keep the distance, if problems - wait for loooooong enough. And keep your head clear enough!!!

At the same time, do make sure that you enjoy the moment, think of the people you have met and moments you have had during the past year(-s) and pland many, many moments ahead. Enjoy some good food, drinks and company - enjoy the moment!!!

...I know I will...

I wish all of you the best possible year 2012, let it be prosperous for you and the loved ones!
Happy New Year!!!

Toivotan kaikille teille ja läheisillenne menestyksekästä, entistäkin parempaa vuotta 2012!
Hyvää Uutta Vuotta!!!

Helsinki at New Year
Image compliments by with pretty nice images from Finland

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