Friday, December 23, 2011

Cook, baby, cook!

The pig has been in the oven for almost 5 hours - and still cooking. I'm facing midnight and still need to stay up until it is ready. Not that many degrees to heat up any more, now it is at 73 Celcius degrees and it should be between 75 and 80, depending on how we wish it to be.

Good thing is that part of the game is to enjoy chocolate, cookies and glög...

This is the first time I'm cooking the ham from start to finish - and happy to do it. Mom would be proud of me ;o)  We went to say hi to her and lit a candle to warm her up on otherwise wet, gray and windy place. And same thing for my father, as well as all the others who are on top of our minds but not available for a visit or a phone call... It was still beautiful thanks to the hundreds of candles glowing in the dark.

One more night to go with Christmas feeling!

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