Monday, December 12, 2011

Good bye hangover - Hyvästi kankkunen!

I have few friends who suffer from a horrible hangover. I do not envy them!

For the ones who wonder what that is, I can tell from hear-say it is a physical and mental feeling one has got - usually - the next day after having plenty of alcohol.

Now the story tells that an American non-scientist has found a formula that should cure it in 15 minutes. Apparently he has had a need to cure himself several times, as he has none formal medical background. Somehow he has managed to get a partner to bring the product to the market in US and it is expected to hit Europe next year.

Story in Finnish is in local online tabloid Iltasanomat. I bet you can get the most of it - if in need for a cure.
Toisin sanoen Ameriikan ihmemaassa on joku amatöörijuoppo kokeilujen kautta löytänyt lääkkeen, jonka pitäisi poistaa kankkunen 15 minuttissa. Eurooppaan mömmö on odotettavissa ensi vuonna.

PS 12 nights before the Santa comes in town!

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