Saturday, December 3, 2011

Finnish F1 drivers vs the others

The Flying Finns is a mythe that has got some background - I'd say we have earned the sayings;
"If you wanna win, hire a Finn!" said one ralley guru once.
Teemu Selänne of the Anaheim Ducks is called the Finnish Flash etc.

Hmmm, the Finnish track and field athletic club in Brussels is called Flying Finns, but I guess it has got nothing to do with the topic ;o)

But I would say this one from Formula One podium tells a lot;

I am sure this brings smiles on certain faces particularly in Brussels, Roma, Amsterdam, and Paris...

If you have some doubts about picture manipulation, check out this news clip from

PS 21 nights before The Santa comes!
PPS I can see the old friend from the past, the sun. Cold -1C but beautiful day...

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Anonymous said...

too true, too true.