Saturday, October 22, 2011

Jing - Jang

I was wondering if I should nag about the insane strike that just started in Finland, or to talk about positive thing. Yep, I agree with you: Let's go for the positive one as I know there has been too much to bitch about recently...

I got an email, that got me to remember some fantastic moments from few years back. It is the Brussels times, where you have fabulous chances to make tourist trips around Europe with only few hours of driving time. This is one of them;

Champagne Julien Chopin

During our few trips to Champagne area in France, we visited Champagne Julien Chopin twice. It's a small producer, that makes on yearly basis about the same than for example Moët Chandon makes in a day. And that is about 40.000 bottles. Mr Chopin told us that the champagne production is more of a hobby for him, he makes the living from selling the grapes to the BIG champagne houses.

I've visited the cellars of both Chopin and Moët Chandon - and some others on top, and I can tell you the Julien Chopin ones in Monthelon were the most interesting ones. It was also very interesting to see the corking and labeling line in the garage of theirs.

Yep, the Moët Chandon ones were fantastic too, kilometers of tunnels under Épernay. Not to talk about the moment when I passed a cage full of Dom Pérignon bottles. Must have been close to 100 of them, next to me in an cellar where rest of the group had already moved on. Great moment that I took a pic of.

Sorry, it's on the other pc, not available for the moment...

L & D,
I know you are out there occationally - and with this posting I'll make sure you will see this.

Even if we have been living far apart for some years now, I know the Champagne moments will continue when we will get together next time! Who knows if for our next Monthelon trip the next generation Chopin, the one who peed in his pants during our visit, will be hosting us.

Oh, interested in the quality or price levels of Chopin champagne...?
I can tell you I have had the pleasure to taste close to 50 different champagnes along the road and not a single one of them has been "bad". The thing is that when you have a chance to taste several ones at the same time - a proper tasting that is quite normal when you go around the area - one tastes better than the other.

Sometimes it is due to what you had in your mouth just before, sometimes just about the taste...
Few years back the prices started from ~13 Euros up. The Millesim ones that have been waiting to be drinked for 10 years were from less than 20 Euros, if I'm not mistaking around 17-18 Euros. Surely the inflation has made some changes, but if you compare it with any price around, it is competitive.

The quality - well, if a normal person would need to taste Chopin against the big houses, I can claim it is a matter of taste, not quality.

Damn, I miss many things about Belgium and surroundings - not least the people involved!!!

PS I still owe you some pics - and I would have a word or two to say about the strike in Finland so let's see if I'll have the time & energy tomorrow. Anyways, have a fantastic weekend!

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