Thursday, October 6, 2011

I feel I am in a wrong country at the moment!

Local tabloid paper in Finland - a free-for-charge version - had their annual restaurant food theme week/-s recently. The theme is built around 10 Euro prices. Sounds appeeling or what?

Well, I can tell you it is not as fancy offer setting as one would imagine. At least I don't count a basic hamburger, pizza, salad, basic Thai, or some other "well give you 2 Euro discount" -offers something to write home about. Surely you can brag about the amounts sold, but c'mon fellow Finns, be realistic about the price vs quality level in Finnish restaurants: it SUCKS!

We also had the car free day in Finland - the European common thing. I've been crying about this also earlier, but I guess it's the Lutheran side in us that makes us think we gotta do everything by the recommendations. NO WE DON'T, we can be smart and localize thing to make them work.

Sorry about bitching - I guess the gray day with sideways rain won't help to keep the positive stink around ;o)

Still, have a fabulastic rest of the week!!!

PS Is this our next Eurovision performer, bringing in the win after Lordi...?

PPS Tomorrow Friday Finland is playing against Sweden in Eurocup qualifications. Finland has been out for a while but the Swedes need a win - which should happen based on the previous game. Let's see if we can put some sisu and perkele on the pitch and surprice Zlatan who has been unhappy with football recently. No worries Zlatan, if you don't like to play just give back your salary and they will find others!

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