Saturday, October 8, 2011

Did you know about the market place in Tapiola, Espoo?

Well, we natives do know.

Years ago it has been an active one, but nowadays there are only two (yes, 2) truly regular sellers. One is a gentleman who sells mainly potatoes & veggies. He has been there for 37 years - no wonder I remember him from my childhood.

The other one is the gentleman who runs the cafe. He is there 6 days a week until 2 pm and he has got pretty good meat pastry - lihapiirakka. I'd recommend to try it with the fried & dried onion. You can also as for fresh onion, pickled cucumbre, mustard and ketchup. Naturally there are also cinnemon rolls, donuts, pastries etc available.

It's a great place to have a cop of coffee, sweet or salty bite and a relaxing moment in a nice environment. Instead of getting the standard potatoes or veggies with preservatives, go to the market place and get them freshly taken from the local farmers. And I can tell you it's not about the price...

If you are around, go there so that they will be around also in the future!

Then shortly about yesterday's football game;
Finland played well against Sweden, controlled the ball a lot, got good chances to score - but didn't use them. Sweden did use their chances and won the game in Helsinki 1-2.

Good luck for the Finns to the next game in Hungary!

PS I'll post few autumn pics later - I've got some tech issues at the moment.

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