Sunday, August 21, 2011

Light in the tunnel with Finnish ball sports

Finland's men's basketball team is going to the European Championships in few weeks. It is the first time since 1995 - which is hell of a lot better than in Football where Finland has never been in the games. Yet.

Today they won Hungary and still have one game to play. The game against Portugal will define which will go to the group with Spain, Turkey and Lithuania. Finland has got a win from the first game, hence even if Portugal wins by 12 points then Portugal will get the Spain-Turkey-Lithuania games.

Last Thursday HJK from Helsinki won Schalke 04 from Germany in one of the European cups. HJK was dropped out from Champions League and continued with these. The winner of the game pair will go to the next phase.

The starting point to the games was quite clear: Schalke 04 with 18 times bigger player budget. HJK is an semi pro team, while Schalke 04 is a true professional team - or do you think that Raul would choose any other way? Heck, after the game on Thursday night, many HJK players were on Friday morning at 8 am in the office for their day job. So much for the glory...

Ho, wanna know how the game ended?

HJK won 2-0!!!
If you wanna see th game, it is for a while available online here.

Second part is played this Thursday and I am soooo much looking forward to it!

PS We should not forget that Finland won the ice hockey World Championships this year...!

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