Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How about checking the signs before printing?

There are numerous needs to print something in public places. Some more public than others, but still I think it would be fair to put a little effort in checking the language. And particularly to check that it makes sense in the language that is not your strongest one since foolish mistakes happen.

Just like happened with the Swedes like I wrote earlier. I know Finnish is a difficult language but even that can be checked.

I'm not that sure about the English versions of the following sign - and particularly I have no idea of the Estonian ones - but the Finnish one in the lower text is a bit funny.

But not as funny as the one below since this is plain stupid. Or are the week days different from one language to another?
The beer sale is from Monday to Friday as you can see in the sign above, but the Finnish text shows Monday to Thursday...

Way to go Linda Line!

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