Sunday, July 3, 2011

Firstly, I'd like to tell you how fantastic it is to watch your kid play sports. Or perform arts. Or do whatever they feel confident and happy enough to show to the other people! In principle, hatever they are doing, where one can clearly do well!!!
I just love it - even more than to playing myself and I gotta tell you I LOVE TO PLAY SPORTS!!!

Basketball is my game and Honka jersey is the only Finnish club jersey that I have worn in any official games, both basketball and football. It all started with the elementary school football team where I was asked to join the local club Honka. This version is a shortcut (perhaps I'll tell you more later on...), but after playing for a while with the team mates who also played basketball, they asked me to join in the b-ball team.. What a surprise, I was a head taller than the other guys... - but on the other hand, my skills were not that good to start with.  sit back in a relaxed moment and have FUN!!!

With heavy shortcuts in the story, I chose basketball at the end and the only time I had (on top of the Finnish team invites) to give a serious thought for an option to play in another team an official game was in Belgium. And that was soooo much fun but at the same time realisticly out of scope at this age from what  most of you can think about. Let's leave the details for the later "Sports History of Me ;o) ..."

To overwrite what I just said in the first part about kids' sports, actually my feelings towards my own kids's performance is a lot more than liking: I feel in my guts what they are doing and since they are my blood, you can imagine the adrenaline going on in my body...

I live the game of my kids even more full than I live my own games. And I can tell you that I put 120% of myself into the games - both physically and otherwise.

One thing that I'd be happy to set aside in my mind is the referees. No matter what the calls or their approach is, I should act accordingly and remember that they are the ones "mastering" the game and keeping it in balance. I hate to see the ups-and-downs in the quality of them, but ref's, please make sure that if you put on a jersey of a referee, you are as well equipped and motivated as the guys/players are!!!
...and in some cases you are the only one being paid for the job so please respect the honor.

I have a story to tell with the sports, I guess what made me what I am sportswise, but let's save it for later on. What I can guarantee you, is that my story is not as exciting as the one of Seppo Kuusela's autobiography "Hyppyheitto". The key messages after getting half way of the book are;
"Sports - that's my thing / Playing/training activity / Multiple sports - don't stick with one sports or you'll be lost! / Training for myself - not for anyone else / Have fun with the training / More fun than ever - as I love sports...!!!

But the planning of how to tell the story will get further in Ribis in Tapiola, Finland.
Hyvää ruokahalua ja menoa...



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