Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hot, hot, hot - in Finland scale

As we speak it's getting close to midnight - 1130'ish - and it is pretty warm outside for Finland scale. Normally we celebrate the few daytime tempratures of +25, but I guess many people who have a bit warm inside their houses are not happy.

Yep, it is half past 11 pm and it is +25C outside, the heat level, and soooo far away from the winter time.
There are many options for online weather forecast, here is one Finnish option with

Today was a great day getting towards the end of the first holiday week. After yesterday's fabulous lake house afternoon and evening, completed with wooden heated sauna, swim in the lake, bbq, and particularly good time with friends, I got myself to the gym for a morning exercise. Naturally at summer time I - whenever possible - do the warm-up and cool down afterwards outside. What could be better than do a short bicycle ride and minimize the time used indoors.

Yeah, someone there thinks why I don't do all the exercise outdoors, for example by swimming in the sea? Yesterday I did combine the sauna and swim with putting a bit effort for the swim and getting the pulse up but that just is not enough. I can't get similar impact to the core muscle or full body exercises outside the gym.

Same thing is stopping me to put in the hours for golf - instead of for example basketball and gym: I could not get the exercise I need! I would not be able to feel myself exhausted, and I can tell you it feels gooooood!!!

Hmmm, back to the day; After getting some things done at home we went to Helsinki City Centre for a leisure day out. Nothing special, hanging out, eating some good stuff and enjoying the city in a great weather. 

Or there was actually one thing to do - almost a ritual I'd say: I sold all of my LP records to a second hand shop. I didn't have many of them left but still, it was not easy to let them go and at the same time say goodbye to the LP player as part of the old, traditional stereo set. But now it's done and I already regret that I didn't save for example 5 of them. Perkele!

After a fantastic trout BBQ, again with herring, fresh season potatoes and as an additional dish for the gents a bit sausage, Spanish Chorizo and German Bratwurst.

The it was time for a movie: The teacher was in one sense BAD but on the other hand she was something else. Well, in my mind it is not easy to make Cameron Diaz bad... Check out the trailer from here. I'd say it is pretty handy to have the movie theatre one kilometer away as you can either walk, cycle or drive there.

Well, I know one couple who lives across the street from Kino Tapiola so that's a LOT closer. He even checked out for me one Saturday if the book store next to the movie theatre was open.

And after a chill out after movie evening I'm finishing off by writing to you some thoughts - just for the sake of it. Not sure if anyone is really interested but still. I would have shared some pics with you but I gotta do it with the other PC so that I can use the bluetooth from the phone. But that is now for later.

Take it easy and enjoy the summer as long as it is where you are! I've made sure my summer continues with fantastic weather - and food and culture and so on - as I'll be heading to Spain soon!!!

Hasta la proxima amigos!
PS Regards from Aruba! I guess that was in mind of the person who just recently visited the site from Aruba. Perhaps I should check out more about the country. Info available from the flag list, then clicking the country and so on...

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