Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kilikolutusta tarvitaan - Languge training needed!

We Finns have been extremely supportive towards the Swedish language for a long time. There are historical reasons and laws that nowadays secure that swedish speaking minority of less than 5% gets all services in Swedish, all material is produced in two languages and even all road signs are in both Finnish and Swedish.

Just like in Belgium they produce everything in French and Dutch. Hah, of course I know it is officially Flemish and not Dutch, but let's face the facts: Flemish is a dialect of Dutch.

I visited Stockholm, Sweden and in the ferry terminal spotted a fantastic typo that is of course impossible to translate - but if I'd try it would be something along the lines of "Salt free sanding blinding" instead of "Salt free sanding try out"...

On aivan loistavaa että myös Ruotsissa on aloitettu avainpaikoissa suomen kielisten liikennemerkkien tuottaminen, mutta olisiko mitään ideaa vaikka kilauttaa kaverille ja tarkistaa tuliko tuo sokeilu juuri oikein kirjoitettua...?

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