Monday, June 6, 2011

Tourism & Hats off to young men - and ladies!

I was on Saturday at a middle school graduation event here in Finland. That means grades 7-9 with ages about 14-16 years. I was extremely impressed about the graduating 9th graders;

All the girls - or I perhaps should call them young ladies - were dressed nicely, mainly in a dress.
But the boys - or young men - wore a suit and a tie. Each and every one!

I salute you for being smart and brave enough to enjoy the event and celebrate yourselves also by dressing up to the event, well done!!!

The day continued with two graduation parties of high school students. In the first one the younger brother aged 14 was also wearing a suit and a tie, and a pink shirt. Hyvä Matti, I've always said myself too that I'm man enough to wear a pink shirt...

Into the second party came also several other graduates than the hosting one. Smart young ladies and men, but most of them with one bad habit. Smoking.

My 12 years old son wanted to say to them "You should go somewhere else to smoke as in here are civilized people who do not smoke" but he kept the thought to himself. Funny guy with smart thoughts...

During the weekend we also had the pleasure to host some guests from outside Finland, an American lady who lives in Brussels, Belgium with her family and a Dutch lady with her son living in Moscow, Russia. They didn't get to our sauna but otherwise I think they got a good taste of Finland. And the other of Estonia too.

I also go to enjoy the scenery and great moments with great people but I guess here would be a bit more useful stuff for you. Some of the things they did and enjoyed;
  • Suomenlinna, the castle island
  • Tower cafe of Hotel Torni, including the toilet with a view
  • Helsinki market place
  • Fiskars and Billns villages
  • Restaurant Zetor
  • EMMA museum at WeeGee, Espoo
  • Ateneum museum
  • Central park cycling
  • Ice cream & cinnemon rolls at the Matinkylä and Mellsten beach cafes
  • BBQ salmon, pickled herring and fresh season potatoes - with home made salmiakki vodka with the dessert
  • etc...
How not surprising that I have written about these too.
I'm glad they enjoyed the trip - welcome again!!!

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