Friday, June 24, 2011

Juhannus - Midsummer, Fantastista - Fabulastic!!!

Juhannus, Midsummer can be either horror or fantastic, depending on how you make it happen - or how you take things as they are. We headed towards the market place down town Helsinki in the morning. We had three objectives; get a not-so-healthe-breakfast, get fantastic new season potatoes with some fresh peas and carrots, and as somewhat last minute idea from last night to meet a person who will be reading this.

The city was still quite busy waiting to die right after noon, the market place athmosphere was as usual in a busy day, potatoes were fan-fxxxing-tastic and both the carrots and peas were as great as expected. Niiiiice!!!

In few hours they will set the bonfire by the beach cafe - same as they will do in some thousands of places around Finland. The tiipii-shape thing at the back will be on fire in a short while...

As you can see we've had a pro photographer on the job.

If you are around the last minute (I believe family E is in the more popular place), Cafe Mermaid is the place to be.

For the day some setting up of the house after the move, cycling to the seaside cafe for the Midsummer moments, Finnhits music at home, fantastic sauna at home, bbq with overwhelming tastes and - should I say - the best company one can imagine!

Hyvää juhannusta - Have a fabulous Midsummer!!!

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