Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sun, Sushi and Midsummer

Oh baby, please feel free to let the sun come here more often than occationally during the day. Today we've had mainly stormy weather with heavy rain, rainshowers, clowdy wind breezes as well as the few sunny moments. Temp around +15 C sounds quite ok but with the wind it is not what I would prefer.

Today it was a bit windy by the seaside but the windsurfers loved it.
On the other hand, it is hell of a lot better Midsummer weather than some years. We've had some Midsummers with sideways rain and temp between +5 and +10C...

On Tuesday was the longest day of the year, the solstice. In Helsinki that is in Southern Finland the sun came up at 4 am and went down at 11 pm. The time of a really dark time is around 1 hour so we are again in the times of getting back from the nightclub with a sunlight. Up in Lapland, in Utsjoki the white nights started on 18 May and the normal days will come back on 28th July. That's why also Santa is on summer holiday...

I've written about these also earlier, use the search word Lapland on the left side of the blog.

By the way, the last time I did it was a year ago when we have fantastic visitors from all over Europe - and that was a fabulous weekend!
Thanks guys!

Our new bedroom has got fairly small window, but the morning sun hits it. Surely we have curtains but I'd want a balance between light in the room and a good night sleep. Let's see if we'll look for some other alternative for the white night season. Well, sleeping is a waste of time anyway.

Today we Finns took off from the office towards Midsummer festives. Sooo many Finns headed towards summer cabins, but even though we have 180.000 lakes, 2.000.000 saunas and about half a million summer cabins - most of them at the lakesides - not all of us have one or are heading towards such. Many of us stay in the city and we are one of them.

Surely I hope and trust the weather will be better so that we get to enjoy outside more, but what ever it will be tomorrow will be bbq time!

But tonight it was not that traditional Finnish food - we had sushi. HYVÄÄ!!!
I guess we are pretty laim for Finns as the sake bottle is still unfinished. There's not much left but still - it has been several years even if it's 1.5 liter bottle...

It's Midsummer eve tomorrow. That means most Finns get wasted and many of us on summer cabins. We'll start the day down town Helsinki having breakfast at the market place. At the same time we can get fresh season potatoes from the market place.

Then enjoying the day slowly towards evening bbq. Let's see what we'll figure out for the day time - if the weather is good, we could stroll down to the seaside cafe for some refreshments, seaside air, nature and perhaps they have for the eve some ball room dances coming up. But we'll have our bbq waiting so dances only on our patio.

Have a great Midsummer - Hauskaa Juhannusta!

PS I'm afraid there will be at least 10 people drowning during this Midsummer - too many of them with zippers open - and potentially another 10 on the road kills so please guys let's be careful and smart out there!!!

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