Monday, January 17, 2011

Comeback of the slid...Loskapaskan paluu

Despite of my wishes, the slid is back. Last night's snowfall turned into icy rain and in the morning the car was covered with 5cm thick snow with an ice layer on top. The whole car was covered with ice, even the plain parts.

I'd say the positive thing was the Webasto-type gasoline heater that had melted the ice on top of main windows.

The day continued with mild rain (water...) so we can again expect icy roads and broken legs/arms/hips later this week.

If you wish, you can check the road cameras with temperature of road (tie) and air (ilma) from here. Just click one of the blue camera images and go...
Hus hus, loska pois!

PS I have heard the term slid from Americans, describing the watery snow that was on Belgium roads during their wanna-be-winter. If the term is incorrect, please inform!

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