Saturday, January 8, 2011

1 blog year in numbers

I've had the flag counter now for a year and here are some key numbers that it shows;
  • 5.626 pageviews from...
  • 90 different countries (if we count Åland / Ahvenanmaa in even though I criticized it earlier
  • 2198 unique visitors = IP addresses
  • 31,4% of visits has been from Finland, showing 691 different visitors (again IP addresses), from US 13% / 289 visitors, and 5% / 89 from GB
  • For some reason the size or population of the country doesn't quarantee the number of visits, since I have 19 visitors from Serbia and 18 from lovely country next door, Russia...
  • Record 31 visits and 64 Flag Counter views per day
  • The most exotic country name that has visitid is in my mind Turks and Caicos Island
...someone has also visited from countries like Republic of Korea, Malta, Iceland, Iran, Azerbaijan, Rwanda, Moldova, Iraq and French Polynesia...

Let's have a drink for it, the Finnish way...!
Thank you for the visit! Gracias por su visita! Tack för besöket! Kiitos käynnistä!

...and welcome again - tervetuloa uudestaan!!!

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