Monday, January 10, 2011

C'mon guys, where are the ÄÖÜØÅÑ etc?

As you might notice I have made some changes on the blog layout, hope you find the important(?) stuff for you. Don't mind the little hick-up on the right column (if it is visible for you). More changes to come later on.
Then to the topic of the day...

It took me only seconds to get the signs ÄÖÜØÅÑ in the text. And on top access to ЯЮЩΛŨŊŞŠĦÆÆß is as easy.

Based on this, how the heck can it still be so difficult to show names in sports events as the names are? In Tour de Ski's final in Germany they had ä-letters which was positive. But that is more an exception than rule.

Hanno Möttölä was the first Finnish basketball player in NBA. When he played in University, he was Mottola, but when he was negotiating a contract to play for Atlanta Hawks, he wanted to have the dots on the shirt and became again Möttölä.

Teemu Selänne, the Finnish Flash, plays in NHL for the Anaheim Ducks. He is Selanne in the rink, but then again he missis the dots only in one letter. Neither did Sami Hyypiä have any dots while he played in Liverpool.
But now that he is in Leverkusen, the dots are back...
By the way, Selänne just turned 40 and is playing a gooood season again!

All data-guru geeks around the world, please unite and try to make it possible to get the names on TV as they are on the passport!

PS 700:s suomalainen vieras on käynyt, kiitos luottamuksesta!

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