Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rakkaudella Suomesta - From Finland with Love

I recommend this book to everyone dealing with Finns - as well as for Finnish people who interact with people outside their own little village! 
I am a Finn myself and have shared this book with many friends representing different nationalities from Swedish to Americans. They all loved it and now understand us a bit better... For us, Finnish people, it gives a perspective to the facts of our differences to others. Yes, we are different in many ways and we should understand and accept it.

The book is written both in Finnish and in English in same covers and I must say I really enjoyed reading both versions.

You can get it from Amazon, both in UK and in US.
I recommend it to everyone dealing with Finns - business or leisure! And to all who are interested to do so...!
Short comment about the book from here.

...few words about football;

Tomorrow the football EuroCup 2012 qualifications continue and Finland is playing against a team that is in the last(!) position in FIFA ranking. Yep, the very last with only one (1) single win in the history of the local national team. The win came from a game against ... Lichtenstein.

San Marino, welcome to Finland!
Our team is already out of the games and we sacked our Scottish manager (coach), so I can promise that in case Finland does NOT win the game, I will write a blog every single day until Christmas.

Team Finland, you should step up the game - or you might need to consider changing into Lichtenstein passports ;o)
Finland - San Marino at Helsinki Olympic Stadium tomorrow 16 November 2010 at 18:30. It might be the last chance to see soon-to-be-40-years-old Jari Litmanen playing for Finland. Not bad, he started his career in the national team at 1989 so he has played for the team in 4 different decades. And in between won the Champions League with Ajax at 1995 and had Barcelone # 10 shirt...
Suomi - San Marino Helsingin Olympiastadionilla huomenna 16 marraskuuta 2010 kello 18:30. Otteluinfo ja liput täältä. Mahdollisesti Litin viimeinen maaottelu. Ei hassumpaa, pelannut maajoukkueessa neljällä vuosikymmenellä.
Go Finland!!!

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