Friday, November 19, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

Yesterday morning I had a niiiice wake-up but horrible morning traffic here and there. We had about 10 cm fresh snow during the night and at 0630 when I started the car it was quite nice to play again with the car in the empty, snowy roads.
I gotta say that I would very much need to find the button that turns the traction control off from the car. I know the symbol but I simply have not found such. Same thing was with the previous, temporary car that I had.

Anyways, soon the traffic became quite bad mainly due to trucks and buses that are not obliged to have winter tyres and hence got stuck in the hills - blocking a lane and causing kilometers of queues. In one of these I was trying to get further for an hour this morning. After I had passed the 2nd truck that was stuck, the ring road was clear for the next 20 kilometers.

When I left the office in the evening, all roads were wet and temp was around 0 C so when the temp dropped over night, it was a killer weather in the night...

For some pics from the snow day (no, not snow day like school-is-closed), scroll pics in here.

PS Finland won the EuroCup qualification game against San Marino 8-0 so don't expect daily blogs ;o)
Here a pic from where Jari Litmanen finishes a penalty goal and becomes the eldest player who scores in EuroCup qualifications

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