Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The winter is not over!

If you have thought the winter is over, you are dead wrong. In the past few days we have had about 5 cm fresh snow and this morning we woke up with -15 C. And that was here at southern part of the country - up north they have -30 C and the same is expected for tonight...

Yesterday the snow was melting where the sun was shining, despite of about -10 C during the day so do not estimate the power of the spring sun. This pic was taken a week ago. The sea is frozen and this man here is ice fishing.
And if you wish to go swimming, that is perfectly fine - just bring your own towel. This place is used daily so it is real. There is a pump that keeps the water running so it stays open.
By the way, if you have not heard: I have enjoyed the winter all the time - and still do!!!

And the days are getting longer all the time; now the sun comes up at 6:35 am and goes down 6:24 pm. The day is already 11 hours 49 minutes long...

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