Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Road

Today I had to take a road trip like I have not had since early 2003. I left home at 7 pm to drive ~160 kilometers, about 100 miles, while it was snowing and roads were icy. Temp was about -14 C which only made it a bit difficult to wipe the windscreen.

At summer time the speed limit is 120 km/h while this morning it was dropped down to 80 km/h. Pretty slow but I was on time in Turku for the meeting.

At the end of day - when the sun had gone down again - I headed back and was lucky to drive on a clean road half way but then the snow came again. Tired driver, darkness, snow, ice... Not that fun to drive for a long time. Well, soon I have somewhat 1000 kilometers to do but that is another story.

It was much more fun on Sunday eve to play with the car on empty roads :o) I had in BRU a car with electronic hand break which didn't enable playing on snow (the few times we had it or at ski trips), but the current temp car has got the normal, manual break so playing is back on the list.

Anyways, when I got home I felt like going to the corner of the sofa but luckily I was forced to make a 10 minute walk outside.

It was cold again, perhaps -13 C or so but it did the job and I was fresh again.

3 nights to go!

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