Friday, December 4, 2009

Lahden Kulta

While living outside of Finland, "Lapin Kulta" -beer, Lapland's Gold, strengthened it's position as my favorite beer from Finland.

This was not due to the taste, since I can tell you most of the beers are almost the same. Plain, simple lager. If you want to have something a bit different, the price can easily be doubled.

And what is the brewery planning to do?
Finish the production up north in Lapland and move it to south, town of Lahti. Like our main newspaper Helsingin Sanomat suggested, I guess we shall change the name into "Lahden Kulta" - Lahti's Gold.

Helsingin Sanomat 11.10.09
If this happens, Lapin Kulta is off of my favorite list - except when I talk to you aliens ;o) This is what you get when multi-national breweries take over and loose the touch with the origin.

Same thing was in Belgium when e.g. Hoegaarden beer was not produced any more in town of Hoegaarden. Bad image mistake for the locals but good for the business economics of scale.
Sorry Carlos, just my humble opinion about my favorite beer (one of many). 

OK, I still love Hoegaarden!

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