Thursday, December 17, 2009

Winter Day

I wanted to share some winter pictures with you. Past days it has been between -10C and -15C, which equals to about 5 to 15 Farenheits. We also have had some snow, just few inches but enough to have fun with pulkka - sleigh as well as to enjoy the icy roads with a car. I love both!

Skiing is still to come, latest on 27th.

Here we go...

Backyard in the evening - that comes quite early. ~1530.

These pics have been taken around the noon time.

Backyard elf

Backyard patio glass becomes art

Rose bushes waiting for the moment they can bloom again

Home alley, again around noon

Bushes, apparently related to George


More roses

We have been sliding down from this rock and having a break on the tree with the kids already almost 10 years ago


Icy road around noon

Birches and a pine on the left

Birch and a bit bigger X-mas tree spurce

Icy fence, don't kiss it


Have a nice winter!!!

PS 7 nights to go


Anonymous said...

pretty! keep them coming...and I agree, don't kiss that fence!

MIKA said...

Kiitos! It has been so silent that I'm not always sure if I'm only writing to my own pleasure ;o)