Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hyvää 92. Itsenäisyyspäivää - It is Finland's 92nd Independence Day!

Today is the 92nd Independence Day for Finland.

The topic of independence has been in the past weeks on top more then normally, since on November 30th exactly 70 years ago Soviet Union attacked Finland without declearing a war and so calle Winter War was started. Only recently the Russian authorities admitted that the events that happened just before the attack was a fraud arranged by the Soviet government.

What happened that in the border village of Mainila the Soviet troops started an artillery activity, that is shot with heavy guns, towards their own people. And of course they tried to put the blaim on Finnish troops to justify the planned attack.

I am greatful to all the people who contributed 70 years ago to enable us to have the status we have today! Otherwise we would have ended up like Baltic countries...

When Finland decleared independent from Russia at 1917 it was not all clear at once. Soon after that we ended up having a civil war, where the "Reds" wanted us to continue hand-in-hand with Russia / Soviet Union - that was in the turbulence with the revolution - and the "Whites" that were driving Finland's independence.

The war itself was at some levels cruel and 1% of the population was killed. Today it feels fairly small numbers, ~30.000, of which about half died at the prison camps.

Why that many?
There was huge famine (lack of food) among the people outside the camps, and hence the prisoners were getting even less. Also diseases were spreading in poor hygiene conditions.

Back to today;
I am happy to have the right to choose and decide myself. Some say that we have lost part of our independence via European Union.

Partly true perhaps, but mainly in some areas where we also gain good things. Be it in union of countries, marriage, friendships or what have you, it is always about giving and getting. As long as both/all sides are happy and in a long run gaining more then giving, all is good. Even today.

The weather is still in November mood, wet and grey.

Just like few days ago at the Helsinki Airport. The airport control tower far back on left side. Also note the wind bag against the sky next to the light post in the middle. This was the brightest moment all week, clouds running fast above us and some light at the horizon...

Tonight we shall enjoy some great food and entertain us by wathcing the President's reception that is broadcasted live. You would not believe some of the dresses and hair styles you see - but they are real and some are even proud of them.

PS I crossed 100 posting landmark. Let's see if I ever get the 2nd full ;o)

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