Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I love moving companies!

If you are in a fortunate situation that someone else does your packing, please value it highly!

In Finland we have a habit of helping each others in the movings. You rent - or borrow a van, make several trips (as most of the time you move within a short distance), collect cardboard boxes and pack for weeks.

Then comes the moving day. You have asked your friends over for a workout, offering them some beer and pizza-in-a-box. Actually the best output is the time spent with your friends.

There are some unwritten rules one needs to go with;
All the stuff needs to be well packed, avoiding moments when there is a room or cupboards full of small stuff and no material to pack them into.

Moving boxes, carrying sofas and odd-shape items is fun - as long as you get the extra soft sides of the moving...

When you need to do it even with a moving company, you better have someone on site to be 110% on top of what's going on!


Anonymous said...

I think we Dutchies are more alike with you Finnies as we might think:-) Same attitude as it comes to moving (and drinking;-).
Hope everything went well.
Keep your head cool!!!!!

luky begum said...
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