Saturday, July 18, 2009

Boring meetings?

Why are we so often stuck with the boring routines and keep in the same old meeting rooms even the meetings that require some innovation?
If you want to achieve something different, you should encourage innovation also with the environment. It doesn't need to be costly thing, as long as you are creative. Why don't you have your summer meeting outside in the park, at the beach or some other place where you get out of your routines? Get a picnic basket to go, work differently and finish off with a fun game. Again, e.g. petanque is easy to organize...

Again, there are so many option available for this, just take the effort to break the routines. In today's environment everyone is so scrutinized and pressured to work hard, harder and hardest that we easily forget the joy of work. Yes, it is a pleasure to have a job even if you don't always remember it!

Enjoy the work - Työn iloa!!!

Believe or not, also part of the budget planning was done here!

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