Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What do I miss from Finland / Mitä kaipaan Suomesta?

When I read articles about Finns living abroad, they are very often asked the same question;
What do you miss from Finland?

As I live outside of Finland for the 5th year, I have noticed missing quite a lot the same things that I hear from others. There are though some things that you don't normally hear...

Here is my list of things I miss from Finland - Mitä kaipaan Suomesta;
- Rye bread / Ruisleipä *
- Specific rice pasty / Karjalanpiirakka *
- Meat pasty / Lihapiirakka
- Fresh season potatoes / Uudet perunat
- Specific creamy cheese / Oltermanni
- Fresh season carrots from summer market / Tuoreet porkkanat torilta
- Fazer's Blue chocolate, the best chocolate in the world / Fazerin Sininen *
(FYI for ignorant people, Belgium chocolate is good but can't beat this one)
- Specific Oreo-type biscuits, Dominos / Domino-keksit
(biscuit is not as dark as in Oreo's)
- Salted liquorice -candy / Salmiakki
(when traveling to Holland, I can get fairly good stuff but not the real one. Ikea also has got some.)
- Specific Finnish choose-your-own-candy-sorts selection / Irtokarkit, hyva yhdistelmä hedelmä- ja salmiakkikarkkeja
- Wooden heated lakeside sauna & swim in a lake / Rantasauna järven rannalla
- Proper winter with snow / Kunnon luminen talvi
- 50+ years old wooden roller coaster at Linnanmäki amusement park / Lintsin vuoristorata
...and of course friends and family!

* = I can get these fairly easy in Brussels, but the prices are ~triple to Finland. When the lust for them comes, I don't care about the price... / Näitä saa suhteellisen helposti Brysselistä, mutta hinta on ~3-kertainen Suomeen verrattuna. Mutta kun himo iskee, hintaa ei kysellä!

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