Sunday, August 2, 2015

From Top to a Flop - or Staying Brave, 2 stories!

Yesterday I came across with 2 stories that were in similar nature;
One day a sportsman on top of the world, fame, glory, success, fans, money and so on.
The second day everything is gone, no more sports, no fans, no glory, no money.

Ice hockey professional Hannes Hyvönen opened a blog where he opens up in his first post, revealing the drastic change from the high fly to the deep dive. As he is a former Blues-man, he is one of the good guys ;o)
The blog of Hannes can be found here.

NBA all-star player and Olympic winner Vin Baker has opened up about his life changes, how he lost over 100 million dollars and getting rid of alcohol etc. Short story of his life change in Finnish at can be found from here.

Two different stories, yet quite alike. Hats off to these brave men who speak about their challenging life phases openly. The key is to be honest to yourself, some people do not like it and that is totally OK, we can't please everyone.

On the other hand, if most people tell you that some elements in your behaviour are wrong, there is a pattern with the story, and in addition the actions / words you do or say - or you leave undone / unsaid - lead into similar unwanted results, take a deep breath, talk first to a mirror, then to some good people and think if there is something you should change yourself!

Use the mirror - and not just to see what you have left behind or running away from...!

...Damn I'm still glad I have not needed to follow their path, it would suck to wake up one morning and realize you had it all and you lost it - for one or another reason. 

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