Friday, June 19, 2015

Hyvää Juhannusta - Have a great Midsummer!

It's again the time of the year when particularly Finns and Swedes enjoy the supposed-to-be-summer-festive (it should be summer, seldom is...) of Midsummer, Juhannus. Most of people who have the chance head up towards countryside, a summer cottage at a lakeside or seaside.

Traffic jams (big in Finland scale, only queues in European scale), cold, crowded summer housed, wet, cold swimming, lousy cooking conditions, no shower, no electricity, wet fireplace, small beds if any...

Despite of all that, it is sooooo loveable! Beautiful Finnish countryside, out of your daily routines, outdoor cooking, wooden heated sauna, swim in a lake, talks, games, reading, BBQ, fresh air, bonfires, white nights, good company = summer at countryside - mökki life!

Stay smart particularly when you go swimming, last year at Midsummer only 1 person drowned in Finland, biggest count in the past years being from 1999: 20 people drowned!!! For the ones interested in stats, check it out from here.

Helsinki became a ghost city today at Midsummer eve at noon when all the shops and market place closed. Many restaurants and cafe's are closed, while many remain open to treat the urban Midsummer people as well as the tourists that stop by with the cruise ships.

What beats me is why can't we still let the shop keepers to decide themselves when their business would profit to keep the shop open. We have soooo many rules and limitations also with this and I can tell you the unions are doing their best to keep their position strong. Well, I'd say the unions have been fighting a battle to survive as the world around them has changed while they still try to continue as they have for decades.

In addition to my previous Midsummer posts, I'd like to share with you an article "Enjoying Midsummer the Finnish way" by thisisFinland, (also on Facebook) a news forum produced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland.
Have a great Midsummer 
Loistavaa Juhannusta!

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