Monday, August 3, 2015

Lifecycle of Blogs

The lifecycle of blogs is an interesting topic particularly for me, right now - and has been many times. I've been wondering if I should continue or not - should I stay or should I go...?

There are 3 blogs on my blog list, each of them being on the list for a reason. Unfortunately all 3 of them are inactive. One apparently faded away after new focuses and interests, another after the IB school project IB for Dummies linked to the blog ended, and now - after several years - the most fruitful of them, Tsupukka, seems to have faced the end.

A moment of silence...! ... ... ... Thank you.

If you need information regarding IB school program in fairly simple a.k.a. understandable format, go to the site.

If you wish to entertain yourself with multiple stories of life and whatever, check out

...let's see what will be the life cycle of this blog - time will show. 7th year rolling from the first post and still flying (high?)...!

1 comment:

Tšupukka said...

Sanotaan aina, että elämä kulkee seitsemän vuoden sykleissä joten kai minun oli aikakin jo lopettaa. :)