Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Social Media makes us Unsocial!

Look up from you phone and LIVE!

As the name states, the video I linked is a video everyone needs to see - and think about the message. And act based on it! If you think of it - after seeing the video - this might be the most important 5 minutes of the rest of your life if you choose to change something in your behaviour.

Can you afford not to try?

Social media is something that is unsocial - it has become anti-social one since too often you see people, "friends", physically together but mentally so far apart. Mobile devices have made many positive things possible in social life. When internet, Facebook, games etc came along many addictive negative aspects were enabled.

Let's take a positive step towards living together, a good start is to invest the 5 minutes and then talk - you know like face-to-face in spoken words person-to-person - with a real human, not via electronic devices.


...and now, put down your tech-device and start living ;o)

Have a fantasic life!!!

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