Sunday, May 11, 2014

Hyvää Äitienpäivää - Happy Mothers' Day!

I congratulate all the mothers around the world; Hyvää Äitienpäivää - Happy Mothers' Day!

My kids are already big and it was again joyful to watch my son play football! It is fantastic to watch your child do whatever they do, learning different things in life. If you think of it, it is foolish to watch a child sleep, but all fathers and mothers know what I'm talking about... 
This particular kid had a nap outdoors - what could be better than sleep in fresh air? Some of you think it is too cold, but I can tell you it is perfectly fine to let a baby sleep outdoors even at winter, you just need to dress properly. 

...the guys in Winter War didn't have an option, they had to live out in the woods for weeks hence you just need to equip and adjust. As many of us know, Finns were in better situation vs the Soviet Union soldiers.

Talking about our Eastern neighbours;
There is Finland vs Russia World Championships game going on and I am shocked and dissapointed about the lack of respect to other players by Russian Vadim Shipachyov. UGLY tackle, shame on you and no penalty! Few moments later a Finn is sent for penalty when Russian player dives... Finns play crap ice hockey at the moment so we can't expect too much from these games if this continues.

Still, have a great week you all!

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